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The internet is the only database!

Our Services and Products in a nutshell

QSXL; a group of 25 young, ambitious, highly educated searchers, analysts, developers and recruiters, eager to discover all hidden possibilities of the virtual world. Since 2009 we  love to search the internet, to deliver the best thinkable solutions for recruitment departments all over the world.

Tracking the digital footprints everybody leaves behind on the internet.

In fact, we search where others stop. Thanks to experienced searchers, we develop tailor-made algorithms. We reach parts of the internet other searchers cannot reach. The virtual world is our home. Take a look at our products and services and see what we can do for you!

Data Driven Search
Tracking Digital Footprints

We are the best search company in the world. Our experienced searchers find the best candidates, and our recruitment consultants will contact them about your vacancy.

Our process is transparent, you can monitor the search progress 24/7 on your personal page and we give you a weekly update. In the end, only the best candidates are introduced to you. For more info see our S.T.E.P process.

Smart Page
Informed Engagement

We can create a webpage to highlight your vacancy to potential candidates. We present your company and vacancy in a visually attractive and informative way to peak their interest and encourage them to apply.

For more information see our examples at Informed Engagement.

Market Scan
How many candidates are there?

Before you start with the actual search of talent, it can be really interesting to investigate the number of potential candidates within a certain geographical area.

Our market scan will offer you information about the total number of potential candidates, their education, working experience and their current location. This will enable you to adjust your vacancy criteria if necessary.

Sherlock Report
Market and Talent analysis

QSXL can help you to create a strategic advantage by identifying, gathering, correlating and analyzing the right data, which will help you to grow your business by showing available talent that is suitable for your unfilled jobs in your current business environment.

We compile a tailor made in-depth field analysis of your potential group of candidates for your vacancy.

Our Search Process
Sourcing Maturity Model

QSXL combines the Virtual world with the Real world. Based on your information our experienced searchers will be informed and use our state-of-the art Search Algorithms to track Digital Footprints of the most promising candidates.

Entering Keywords and Job titles is just a start. But the sourcing of scarce talent requires specific skills and expertise.  Our experienced search experts understand your vacant function, your company and industry. Advanced conceptual and implicit search helps them to find the most passive and invisible candidates.

At our Executive Front Office in Utrecht, experienced recruiters with a proven track record will screen all data. They will conduct a personal interview and finally select the qualifying and interested candidates.

What most Recruiters do: Standard Keyword/Title Search


QSXL Search Technology: Conceptual Search


QSXL Search Technology: Implicit Search


QSXL Search Technology: Natural Language Search


QSXL Search Technology: Indirect Search


Our International Sales Team with Smart Ideas

We are a Data Driven Search Company and support organizations in analyzing local labour markets, and searching and engaging talented professionals who are not being found in regular databases

Feel free to contact one of our Account Managers and see what we can do for you. QSXL: Data Driven Search & Technology.

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Tracking Digital Footprints of Promising Candidates



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The internet is the only database


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What We Do

An intelligent Search & Engagement model

Internet changed the world of many HR/Recruitment agencies. We at QSXL discovered that searching nowadays is so complicated that only specialists can do it efficiently and successfully. Our ambition is clear: QSXL wants to be the best Search Company there is. However the challenge of searching is in the capability to transform terabytes of data into useful information. So we invented the absolute 100% Quality Formula to reach our goals: The S.T.E.P. Formula.

1. Scan
Market and Talent Analysis

We start with discussing the job profile and gather specific company information to optimize our search and engagement result.

Based on the intake and using self developed supporting techniques as Sherlock and Watson, we can make an initial analysis of the job market and the current number of potential candidates.

2. Trace
5 Levels of Talent Mining

QSXL wants to be the best searcher. We go for quality, not quantity.

Using our self developed advanced Sourcing Maturity Model techniques, we trace all the digital footprints we found.

In the second step of our S.T.E.P. process the long list becomes a short list. We check them on various criteria and validate them.

3. Engage
Informed Engagement

During the third phase we ‘engage’ the most interesting people of our short list. Clients can monitor this transparent process 24/7 via their own Personal Dashboard.

We engage candidates not by sending a standard e-mail ‘are you interested’. Oh no, that is SPAM. We do our best to sell the vacancies. Using videos, text, interviews etc. All in a friendly and personalized way. Informed Engagement by QSXL!

4. Present
Qualified & Interested Candidates

Present is the last step of our S.T.E.P. formula. We rank the candidates on Must-Have and Nice-to-Have criteria.

We do a second quality check on all information gathered, contact the candidates once more, just to be sure that our final product is excellent: Top Qualified Candidates. In all aspects!

Want to work as a recruiter in Enschede or Utrecht?

Informed  engagement

What used to be an inbound process driven by job postings and referrals now requires a sales-like outbound process targeting qualified, passive candidates.

That’s why we developed   special smart pages: presenting your Company and vacancy in a visually attractive and informative way, giving candidates a look behind the scenes. We create special pages for a single or multiple vacancies. Take a look at a selection of recent smart pages.

We are
QSXL – The Search Company

Opened our International Search Center in 2009. Hired highly tech skilled searchers, analysts and developers. Started our Tech Center in 2012 and developed Watson; our own ATS system to support our Data Driven Search process. Founded QSXL South Africa in 2014 with our central office in Cape Town. Our new Search Center in Enschede (2018) will serve our clients in Eastern part of the Netherlands and Germany.

Four recruitment centers in the Netherlands and Africa where experienced recruiters screen all data, conduct personal interviews, make the final selection and stay in close contact with our customers.

The Internet is the Database
Classical databases are outdated, dusty and unreliable

Let’s be realistic. Internet caused a devastating revolution in the recruitment industry. The times of old fashioned headhunting, job postings, Monsterboarding and LinkedIn searching are over.

Over 75% of today’s professionals are passive candidates. Your best hires probably won’t come to you. You need to go out and find them.

That’s why we focus on what we can do best: Searching. And that is why we are the largest privately owned Search Center of Europe.

We're Cool Nerds
Writing tailor-made search algorithms

The QSXL workforce is a group of 25 young, ambitious, highly educated professionals, eager to discover all hidden possibilities of the virtual world.

We love to search the internet, to deliver the best thinkable solutions for recruitment departments all over the world. The virtual world is our home.

But we also developed our own Search Ethical Rules. Confidentiality is Key in recruitment. Good manners also (we avoid SPAM). Honesty and trustfulness are essential for every search-specialist. That’s why we trace and validate all information.

International Search Center
Searching worldwide for the best candidates

QSXL takes care of your candidate search and reach-out process, letting you spend less time searching for candidates and more time closing them.

Our Search Center almost looks like the Google offices. We are a curious combination of an office, a production plant and a search lab. We are open minded, technical and above all very curious. We know quite a lot about data mining and real time sourcing techniques.

However, most of our work is confidential. We only can tell: Every day we track and trace digital footprints of thousands of potential candidates. Worldwide.

Experienced Recruiters
Screening data and conducting interviews

At our Recruitment Centers experienced recruiters will screen all data. They conduct a personal interview and finally select the qualifying candidate.

You get daily reports showing which candidates were sourced, contacted and interested. You get full transparency into our search process. We generate a lot of relevant data about candidates and the labor market.

You can monitor this transparent search process 24/7 through your personal Reporting Dashboard.

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